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Patient identification and clinical audit

Identifying patients and initiating diagnosis of suspected cases to optimise care.

Identifying patients, optimising care

At Ashfield, we have a long, well-respected record of success in patient identification and clinical audit services across a range of therapy areas and patient types

Identifying patients and initiating diagnosis of suspected cases

Early detection of genetic disorders is key for patient survival. However, DNA analytics and sophisticated diagnosis is only possible in centres for rare diseases or through a specialist.

Often, many primary care doctors don’t link symptoms to rare diseases, so we can support them through multichannel campaigns that raises awareness, educating doctors on symptoms and initiating referrals to experts in diagnosis and treatment.

Ultimately, our aim is to save more patients lives and help them get the medicines and support they need.

Clinical audits to improve clinical pathways and optimise patient care

Our non-promotional clinical audit service is delivered in primary and secondary care settings. We can:

  • Identify patients sub-optimally treated according to local or national guidelines
  • Review and improve clinical paths and outcomes, for example running a nurse-led clinic and making recommendations to optimise patient care
  • Generate data that can be widely shared through scientific publications

Our clinical audit service is delivered through highly qualified nurse advisors. It is conducted with the highest compliance and adherence to all relevant local and international codes and policies.

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