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Our client offered a unique injectable in a chronic disease market, and was seeing low adoption. Challenges included patient identification, convenient ways for patients to receive injections from their healthcare professional and long-term adherence.



We provided a pilot of eight certified specialist nurse educators in key markets. They worked with healthcare professionals to identify appropriate, poorly controlled, high-risk patients and offer injectable medication. They also helped educate alternative injection sites on the process of reconstituting medication and managing these specialised patients.



The program has now been running for six years, growing into a national system with 16 nurses. It’s won two marketing excellence awards and achieved a 3:1 return on investment.


The client said

“I’ve received spontaneous, glowing feedback on your disease education programs. You’re having a positive impact on our key accounts.”


How this helped patients

By developing best practice, we’ve enabled more offices to accommodate additional patients and offer these injections. The program has also raised awareness of uncontrolled, high-risk  patients and empowered the nursing staff that cares for them to advocate alternative therapy options.

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