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The challenge

  • Our client launched a new drug but, until they received NICE guidance, were providing funding on a named patient basis
  • The client required a team to be ready and fully trained at the point where the NICE guidance would be received
  • Recruitment timelines were a challenge - our client needed to find 13 experienced representatives and a sales manager

Our approach

  • We recruited the full team successfully within eight days (from notification to job offer)
  • 91 candidates were screened in total, 46 were assessed and the top two per territory were passed to our client
  • Our Sales Manager held a weekly web-ex with our client and the team to share insights, best practice and common queries
  • Weekly activity and success updates were emailed to motivate the team

The outcome

  • Sales for the first week were the highest ever for the brand since it had been available in the UK
  • Average face-to-face call rate exceeded 2.8
  • The commercial brand team won “team of the year” out of 40 teams who applied at the client company annual awards
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