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Although our pharma client had been a recognised leader in diabetes care for some time, they were keen to further establish themselves in the diabetes nurse community by providing value beyond the introduction of new therapies. They wanted to create tools to enhance the dialogue between nurses and patients with diabetes, with the goal of improving concordance. They also aimed to generate an evidence base as a foundation for future initiatives.



The first step in developing the initiative was a detailed insight-gathering phase conducted with Ashfield’s market research team and our clinical nursing experts. This helped us understand the full range of barriers to optimum concordance and informed the next stage of the initiative. Ashfield Healthcare Communications engaged a focus group comprising a nurse, a diabetes educator and a patient to provide deeper clinical insight and practical experience. The focus group identified two target areas for nurse education: concordance/adherence and dose titration to target. It was agreed that the educational themes in these two areas would be best communicated via educational videos designed by the focus group, Ashfield’s medical communications and nursing teams and the client.



The videos are currently under development; our creative experts and medical writers are working closely with the patient, diabetes nurse and diabetes educator to ensure that content, presentation and style are relevant for the target audience. By combining our in-depth understanding of diabetes and of the client’s core values with our research expertise, we are able to provide a fully connected patient-centric solution.


How this helped patients

Our clinical nursing teams have been actively involved in guiding the initiative, providing valuable practical insight. This, combined with our knowledge of adult learning principles and the multichannel medical educational environment, helped us provide recommendations to the focus group and the client throughout the development of the videos to develop meaningful medical education that we hope will result in better care for patients.

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