Ashfield Meetings & Events have been employed by a number of clients to manage their event programmes.

Ashfield Meeting & Events will be acting for those clients as a disclosed agent for their logistics activities*. This means that the invoices must be made out to client as shown on the Purchase Order template but that Ashfield Meetings & Events will pay the invoices.

Please ensure the following guidelines are followed when creating your invoices. If these guidelines are not followed, the invoices cannot be paid.

Invoice Guidelines

The invoice should be made out to the client as shown in the section marked Sold To.

The invoice billing address is shown in the section marked Bill To. This MUST NOT be shown on the invoice.

The invoice should be sent via e-mail, to

Please ensure that the invoice;

  • Is received within the 14 days following the event.
  • Is dated
  • Contains a unique invoice number
  • Contains your VAT number
  • Includes the full Purchase Order reference number
  • Must state the event name and dates to which it relates
  • Must detail the services that have been agreed, in accordance with the purchase order
  • Must show the breakdown of the unit costs/rates and total costs and any applicable local taxes
  • Supplier payment details must be shown clearly
  • Supplier payment terms are stated
  • Must be on supplier letterhead
  • Pro forma invoices that are not VAT invoices are acceptable in order to pay deposits, however final balance invoices MUST be VAT invoices
  • You must supply your e-mail address if you require a remittance advice to be issued.

Important Notes

  • Invoices will be rejected if they do not follow the above guidelines.
  • A VAT Invoice MUST be provided for every transaction where a payment is taken.
  • Please ensure all invoices are sent to us via email or by post within 14 days of the event/service provided (deposit payments) or a maximum of 14 days post the event/service provided for final bills.

Further Assistance

If you need any further help or assistance, please contact your Ashfield Meeting & Events Project Manager

*Please note logistics activities are stated as follows:

Ground Agents /DMCs
Travel – Flights & Trains
Team Build
Off-Site Dinners