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expopharm, a four day event in Munich, showcased the latest innovations and services in the pharmacy market. There were 500 exhibitors from the national and international pharmacy market and nearly 26,000 industry, healthcare professional and service provider attendees. The head of the expopharm trade fair attributed such high attendance to the increased digitalisation of the market and the desire to network across sectors.

Ashfield attended the trade fair to present our service portfolio specifically for OTC (over-the-counter medicine) companies. This sector is evolving rapidly, not least because of the latest big mergers and joint ventures (e.g. Bayer and Steigerwald, GSK Consumer Health and Novartis Consumer Health). Targeting the right pharmacies and working with them efficiently and successfully is increasingly a key competitive advantage. We talked about how we can support this relationship, as well as promoting OTC products to doctors where their communication with patients is key to the decision-making.

During our discussions, four topics were of most interest to OTC managers at the event:

  1. Distribution in pharmacies not covered by the pharma company sales force
  2. Marketing and trade marketing concepts
  3. OTC products recommended by the doctor (OTX)
  4. OTC Expert Forum

The last point, the OTC Expert Forum, is an innovative service pilot scheme for Ashfield Germany. Together with our 2 cooperation partners, Ashfield works with OTC companies to develop the commercial strategy which will later be delivered via the sales approach. Through the OTC Expert workshops, we consider customer insights and targeting, competitors, pricing, marketing and trade marketing approaches to exactly meet the client’s needs. There is continuity from strategy to delivery, as Ashfield also has the expertise to provide the OTC distribution, OTC pharmacy sales reps and managers and OTX solutions required.

“We were delighted to have attended this trade fair for the first time” said Benjamin Rapp, General Manager of Ashfield in Germany. “It was a great opportunity to meet with so many OTC company managers and to share our expertise in this area.”

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