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Sarah has just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She is frightened and confused – especially about her new medication. Thanks to a patient support programme run by Ashfield, Sarah can source the information she needs and ensure she sticks to her new medication regime.

“On average doctors spend only 49 seconds explaining to a patient the different aspects of a newly prescribed medication,” said Nagore Fernandez, Head of Patient Solutions for Ashfield in Europe. “When someone has just been diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening condition, they have lots of questions. Our programmes help to answer some of these questions and track how patients are coping with their treatment plan.”

Without access to the programme, Sarah might have become one of the millions of patients that fail to take prescribed therapies as instructed. Lack of adherence by patients, which currently runs at about 50% globally, costs the pharmaceutical industry $564 billion every year in the US alone.

Ashfield is a Trailblazer in personalised engagement plans for patients.

By harnessing digital technologies, Ashfield is now blazing a trail in personalised healthcare to ensure patients like Sarah maximise the benefits of their support programmes and prescribed medications.

“With Salesforce, we can develop tailored programmes with the goal of improving outcomes not just for patients but the entire ecosystem of stakeholders involved in a patient’s care,” said Nareda Mills, President of Patient Solutions for Ashfield in the US.

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