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Ashfield Clinical is proud to announce it has recently passed its Care Quality Commission (CQC) Inspection, with the top rating given for every standard assessed.

Following a two-day inspection, the CQC reported that “Ashfield has secured high standards of nursing care by creating an environment where clinical excellence can do well.” This was based on interviews with four people using the Ashfield nursing service, a relative, five nurses and five of Ashfield’s management staff.

Ashfield Clinical provides a European-wide service of specialised nurses and clinical nursing services to the pharmaceutical industry, NHS, independent hospitals, primary medical services and care homes, which includes a range of healthcare programmes accessed by people in their own homes or remotely via telephone. Ashfield Clinical also operates in the US, but was not included in the inspection.

Feedback from the interviews provided in the report included:

  • ‘Absolutely excellent service’ (Patient)
  • ‘I’ve had the same nurse every time. I asked the most stupid questions and wasn’t made to feel uncomfortable’ (Patient)
  • ‘This job is so rewarding, knowing that you have made a difference to someone’ (Nurse)
  • ‘I am valued for what I am trained to do, I am getting a lot of job satisfaction because there is no rush and I’m available to provide quality care, which people deserve’ (Nurse)
  • The provider (Ashfield) had systems in place to ensure all patient referrals from consultants and specialist nurses were received safely and assessed to ensure that the nurse with the appropriate skills and experience could be identified to support the person (CQC)
  • There was a clear organisational structure and systems in place to help the service operate smoothly on a day to day basis (CQC)


Ashfield Clinical’s European Business Unit Director, Helen Miles, said: “Whilst we will never be complacent, it is wonderful to be recognised for the great work that we do. It is our nurses and nurse managers in the field and in our contact centre doing what they do so brilliantly on a daily basis to make life better for patients, who make everything worthwhile.”

Ashfield Clinical is one of Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services’ areas of expertise, and is part of UDG Healthcare. To find out more about Ashfield Clinical, please go to

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