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Ashfield Commercial and Ashfield Patient Solutions UK is pleased to announce the appointment of David Bournes and Greg Draper as account directors.   

Due to rapid changes in both the NHS environment and pharmaceutical industry, Ashfield has strengthened its operations and business development teams with flexible and innovative service offerings to better meet the needs of existing and new clients.

David Bournes becomes an account director. David previously worked as a project manager for Ashfield where he managed The Ashfield Solution, an agile and impactful multichannel optimisation model, for a leading UK pharmaceutical client. In his new role, he will continue to work closely with this and other clients to develop and enhance their commercial models.

David commented: “Having spent 25 years in the industry with roles in both Pharma and outsourcing, I am passionate about driving excellence and creating positive and rewarding client relationships, so I look forward to seeing where this role takes me.”

Greg Draper also takes on the role of account director having most recently served as head of the UK Commercial Contact Centre. Greg has extensive knowledge and understanding of the business, with nearly 15 years’ service with Ashfield. In his new position, Greg will bring his recent experience of multi-channel operations, along with a wealth of commercial and clinical operational expertise that will enable him to have detailed discussions with clients about their resource implementation strategies.

Greg added: “As our industry develops and the way we interact with healthcare professionals changes, it is important that Ashfield can provide our clients with innovative and effective solutions that enhance our communication with the customers that matter. The account director role is crucial for our relationships with clients, helping to form a strategic alliance that adds value at every level”.

Commenting on the appointments, Pierre van Weperen, managing director of Ashfield Commercial and Ashfield Patient Solutions in the UK said: “Client demands are ever changing and that is reflected in their expectations placed on our business development and operations teams. I am confident that David and Greg’s vast experience, knowledge and enthusiasm will enable them to succeed in supporting our client’s needs and move the business forward.

“This is a really exciting time for us as the business grows and goes from strength to strength. We have an excellent team in place who are fully prepared and ready with the skills and expertise to deliver continued growth and excellence.”

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