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This week we were delighted to attend eyeforpharma Barcelona 2018 as global sponsors, where we ran a communications strategy workshop using our new Humanise framework and Nagore Fernandez, Head of Clinical Services for EUCAN, hosted part of the Commercial track.

2018’s Barcelona Summit consisted of panel discussions from healthcare experts, talks from industry leaders and workshops from a range of organisations. As global sponsors, Ashfield was delighted to attend, meet with our pharma clients and deliver a Healthcare Communications workshop focusing on our new Humanise approach.

Day 1 began with a speech by Paul Simms, Chairman of eyeforpharma who opened with “Commercial and medical roles can no longer rely on R&D to be the primary innovator”. The rest of the day consisted of talks around making the future personal, the importance of innovation and the impact it can have on a patient’s life. The tracks were divided up into: Commercial Model Innovation, Learning and Development, and Enhanced Patient Solutions. The main highlight of the  day for us was when our very own Nagore Fernandez Dominguez, Head of Clinical Services for Europe, took to the stage to host the Commercial track.

The main topics of day 2 were customer engagement, and digital and patient innovation. One of the most interesting talks was by Ryan Olohan, Managing Director of Healthcare Google, which unsurprisingly was a full session. Ryan presented the pros of tracking a patient’s journey through website optimisation, and how it can be useful when looking at behavioural targeting.

The following sessions included our workshop: ‘The power to transform your strategic communications: how humanizing really gets results hosted by Helen Hey, Executive Director of Global Business Development for Ashfield Healthcare Communications and Steven Hunt, Strategy Director for Ashfield Digital & Creative. The workshop introduced our Humanise approach to strategic communications planning. Attendees got the chance to explore in depth a case study that looked at persona development, and with deeper insights we were able to take it further into identifying different audience personas, as well as their motivations and barriers to change. We also demonstrated how to develop more contextualised programmes from this work.

On day 3, the sessions explored business optimisation, artificial intelligence empowering better outcomes and how digital could improve patient’s outcome and commercial results. This included a talk on ‘decoding the future: democratising AI to empower better outcome’, which revealed that 20% of clinical trials actually had artificial intelligence components.

All three days had a very strong focus on digital and innovation – two very strong approaches companies will need to start adopting if the pharma industry is to address the evolving needs of  healthcare professionals and patients.

“Eyeforpharma demonstrated that this is a crucial moment for healthcare. We are no longer challenging the value of digital innovations such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Instead we are challenging each other to think of new ways to use these innovations to improve lives and  the patient experience.” Piers French, Ashfield Digital & Creative Strategic Growth Director.


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