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Ashfield In2Focus’s Fleet and Business Services Team were crowned victorious at the 25th Annual Fleet News Awards winning the Fleet of the Year, 501-1000 vehicles category. The awards recognize the best people, companies and vehicles in the fleet industry.

Kate Forknell, Commercial Services Manager said, “We entered the awards because of the confidence we have in the way in which we run our Fleet. The entry included the submission of an 8 page document covering 15 different in depth fleet related questions and a panel interview in front of 4 judges from the Fleet Industry. We had 30 minutes to present on the department’s strategies and initiatives. We focused on 3 main areas; supplier selection, health and safety and continuous improvement”.

The judges were looking for a detailed understanding of all aspects of fleet management including awareness of current and future legislation and a commitment to training, innovation and a clear plan for cost control.

The Fleet and Business Services Department were shortlisted for the award, with 3 other companies, which was a wonderful achievement in its own right.

The awards evening was held at the Grosvenor in London on 20th March where 1800 people attended including, vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, leasing companies and Fleet Managers. It is one of the biggest events in the Fleet Industry and a very prestigious award to win.

Helen Walne, Fleet and Business Services Manager said, “When my name was read out I was absolutely thrilled to accept the award on behalf of the team. It is important to mention that there are other departments and committees that contribute to the success of the Fleet and Business Services Department. Procurement, the Health and Safety Committee, the Fleet Committee, previous employees and Heads of Department like Ailsa Newman – It’s a team effort rather than it solely being a Fleet Department award and I am really proud to have been part of that team”.

“This should give a positive message to our drivers. Our policies aren’t put in place just to penalize our drivers and it’s not made up as we go along, we’re good at what we do”.

Kate Forknell added, “I hope that by winning this award that it shows that the Department don’t just do process, they look at future legislation and changes in the industry and decide on the best way to move our Fleet forward in the best possible way for the business. We might have a strict Driving Policy and Handbook but we do it for the right reasons. It’s not just about charging employees for incidents; it’s about getting people to take responsibility for driving their vehicles and ensuring the health and safety of all of our employees who drive on company business”.

Chris Corbin added, “This is an utterly amazing achievement. Well done to everyone involved. I am so proud of everybody”.

What the Judges’ said
A fleet that is doing everything right, Ashfield In2Focus is a procurement-led operation that understands the importance of value-driven relationships. A robust safety policy keeps accident low, while excellent grey fleet controls have almost eradicated risk to the business. Highly innovative with outstanding processes.

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