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Last week (18th April), Ashfield Ireland was delighted to invite pharmaceutical company clients to our Contact Centre launch event at our Head Office in Dublin.

Following a welcome breakfast, the meeting included a tour of our new facilities, an overview of the 8 most popular contact centre services for pharma brands and a live e-detailing demonstration by our nurses and sales representatives.

We were pleased to welcome attendees from a number of companies including Consilient, Solvotrin, GSK, Ferring, Lundbeck, Concordia, Sanofi, Menarini, AstraZeneca, Tillotts and Pfizer.

The meeting was kicked off by our Managing Director in Ireland, Eoin McAtamney, who explained how Ashfield continues to evolve to stay ahead of the curve – we have a constant drive to innovate and invest in new services, keeping outcomes at the forefront of our projects, while ensuring return on investment is demonstrated. He talked about Ashfield’s established contact centres services that are provided worldwide and how we are extending these to the Irish market.

There was some lively discussion from the floor on the added benefits of contact centre services to existing sales teams e.g. to reinforce product messages, promote mature brands, and deliver holistic patient support programmes geared at boosting compliance, improving quality of life and fundamentally, improving patient outcomes.

McAtamney said “This meeting was a great opportunity for us to show off our new facilities. We are delighted to be introducing contact centre services to the Ashfield Ireland portfolio and appreciated the opportunity to answer our client’s questions on not only how the service can support brands across the product lifecycle, but also how it can complement the overall commercial mix”.

“On the clinical side, similarly it was fantastic to have the platform to outline ways the contact centre is the perfect vehicle to deliver patient support programmes with national reach, in an efficient and innovative way. We are looking forward to working with our clients to provide remote services to support commercial and clinical endeavours in the very near future”.

Some photos from the event are below:

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