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Julian Tompkins, President of Ashfield Commercial and Clinical will be joining panellists from McKinsey, ALK and GSK for an eyeforpharma debate. The webinar will take place on Tuesday 18th September at 9am New York, 2pm UK and 3pm Paris time.

Eyeforpharma - Flex it up webinar

To stay at the cutting edge, your sales and marketing plans need to go with the flow. You must respond instantly to market changes and real-world insights, right down to the front line. You need to be able to quickly and competently resource teams as your marketing managers test new campaigns and iterate more frequently.

Flexibility and dynamism in your sales model are now just as important as core capabilities and messaging. Tomorrow’s winners are likely to be the companies that build a foundation that enables rapid-reaction changes in workforce and in message, across multiple channels simultaneously. Rigidity and complexity are our real enemy.

This free webinar explores solutions and possibilities for both centralised and decentralised teams across commercial, medical and patient engagement. We’ll also look at how agile development can only become a cornerstone of the modern pharma company if resources are able to adapt accordingly. We’ll cover:

  • The inputs: the right metrics, analytics and insights that enable you to determine the optimum model
  • The outputs: the multichannel engagement model you require to maximise ROI on your sales and marketing investment
  • The nuts and bolts: how the ability to flex resources can be achieved, and the likely performance improvements

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