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‘Ashfield Cares’ to actively support charities and programmes through fundraising, time and skills.

Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare plc (LON: UDG), a global leader in providing outsourced healthcare services to pharmaceutical, device and biotech companies, announces today the launch of a new international initiative, Ashfield Cares.

Formed from a recently launched employee engagement programme called the Ashfield Way,  Ashfield Cares aims to actively support both charitable and non-charitable causes, and will assist organisations in addressing healthcare, community development, and educational needs through fundraising activities and the provision of time and skills. This support underpins Ashfield’s pledge to harness its extensive resources and geographical reach with the determination and support of its employees to make a positive impact on the communities and wider society it serves.

Commenting on the launch, Chris Corbin, Chief Executive Officer at Ashfield, said: “Our foremost mission is to improve patients’ lives. At Ashfield, we do this every day by working with our clients to help healthcare professionals and patients get the medicines, knowledge and support they need. Ashfield Cares embodies these roots. We aim to actively support charities and programmes by donating our money, time and skills to worthwhile projects. We will identify programmes to support and run pledges where employees can either volunteer their time or raise funds to help a worthy cause.”

A truly global initiative, Ashfield employees are represented at Ashfield Cares committees at either a business unit or site basis and include employees across the organisation.

To kick-start the launch of Ashfield Cares, Ashfield businesses across the division held a number of events, all on 15 June 2016 including dressing in blue for prostate cancer awareness, 200 hours given to improving a local park for future generations and a toy bank set up for a children’s institution.

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