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We are pleased to highlight that our global healthcare event specialists, Ashfield Meetings & Events and Ashfield Patient Solutions, have joined their respective areas of expertise to offer rapid Covid-19 screening at face-to-face events.

EventSafe – as the service will be called – will be available at events in Europe starting in January 2021, and the news is set to be welcomed by many of the world’s leading healthcare businesses that currently partner with Ashfield.

“Virtual meetings have obviously become the norm over the past nine months, and while many of our global clients have partnered with us to move beyond the Zoom call to much more audience-engaging broadcast-quality events, most are clearly missing that human connection element that only face-to-face can bring,” explains Gavin Houston, COO for Ashfield Meetings & Events. “EventSafe is an incredibly exciting development for our industry and it’s set to be invaluable to our clients as they plan their programs for 2021.”

How EventSafe works is as simple as it is effective. The two Ashfield teams will partner with clients to develop event-specific protocols. Screening policies and attendee consent forms are also created, and then at the event itself, Ashfield’s clinically-trained Covid-testing professionals will set up the screening site and screen attendees.  Results are received in just 30 minutes, enabling attendees to enter the ”event bubble”, safe in the knowledge that everyone present screened as negative.

Nareda Mills, SVP and President of Ashfield Patient Solutions adds, “Our rapid Covid-19 screening is ideal for the on-site event environment, so partnering with our colleagues within Meetings & Events to create this unique service, made perfect sense. EventSafe provides a secure, pre-vaccine solution for our clients keen to hold face-to-face or even hybrid events in the early part of next year. We’re confident it’ll be seen as a great step forward for the vital events our clients need for the future health and wellbeing of patients.”

Click on the image below for a step-by-step guide to the EventSafe service.





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