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Ashfield Meeting & Events, a leading international provider of event management services, has launched a new partner brand - SPARK THINKING - into its service offering.

SPARK THINKING will add to the existing extensive event delivery capability provided by Ashfield Meetings & Events and will offer a complementary, agile and innovative consultancy resource designed to enhance the effectiveness of live events and communication strategies.

The brand will be headed up by Nicola Burns (Global Managing Director) and will consist of a collection of staff from Ashfield Meetings & Events and the broader Ashfield Division who are fresh and brave in their approach to their clients’ businesses. Burns commented: “We have a substantial number of highly talented individuals who are excited by working with their clients to create impactful communication experiences. In addition to our standard conference and events offering this includes natural storytellers, marketers, researchers, technologically-savvy designers and human behavioural experts.”

The approach of blending resources, along with disruptive thinking, are at the heart of the new brand. Burns remarked: “Our collaborative approach encourages idea generation that acts as a catalyst for us to challenge clients’ preconceptions and assumptions. This means we develop new and innovative ways to address clients’ challenges and provide them with real value.”

SPARK THINKING was born out of the insight uncovered through regularly delivering live events and creative, production, digital and communication projects for clients. Burns added: “The common theme we keep seeing amongst our clients is that they are facing rapid and sometimes unexpected change. With this comes a real need for clients to respond instantly to market opportunities and this is enabled through the quality and method of their communications and live events. With our practical experience, clever thinking, fresh combination of Ashfield’s experience and quality delivery and SPARK THINKING we have an innovative agency partnership that can help our clients stay ahead of change.”

Luke Flett (Head Of Global Marketing) said: “The interesting idea behind SPARK THINKING is that we are doing to ourselves what we would recommend to our clients. We are joining together our different capabilities in such a way that it gives assurance and certainty that reliable delivery demands, whilst at the same time giving the capability to look at edgier, more interesting and exploratory options that can generate fresh ideas and new solutions for our clients.”

Flett added: “From an employee engagement perspective we have been implementing a variety of training and internal initiatives throughout the organisation during 2014 to strengthen our individual and collective creative confidence. As a result the staff have had time to embrace the new brand, adopt new ways of thinking and see first-hand how the two brands will work alongside each other. Together the two brands will provide a broader more diverse skill set and a more powerful offering.”

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