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Dan Walker (Business Director, Engagement) will speak at Tech Fest 2014 in June.

Picture the scene. You have found this awesome bit of event technology and you know that it will add a huge amount of value to your client’s event but they don’t yet appreciate the benefits and think that the price tag outweighs the value it will offer. So how do you encourage your client to go with that bit of life-saving technology? Dan’s session – which starts at 15:50 – will share advice and offer support as to how to overcome such objections, which are usually based around cost, perceived benefit, fear of the unknown or corporate policy.

With event technology flexing its muscles in so many areas within events, it is proving that the data it captures is essential in understanding participants and improving their experience. It is also adding value for stakeholders and adding revenue to the bottom line. Data is the new kid on the block and therefore the theme for Tech Fest 2014, which promises to bring a fantastic collection of speakers together to look at event technology and how it can improve meetings and events, contributing significantly to ROI/ROO.

Tech Fest 2014 is being held at ExCel in London. To find out more and register, please click here.

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