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Ashfield Nordic ApS is the leading outsourcing partner for sales, marketing and medical communications to the pharmaceutical and Med Tech industry in the Nordics.

We deliver in all four Nordic markets with the expertise of approximately 100 staff. Within the wider Ashfield Division, there are over 5500 staff across 22 countries. We offer flexible contract sales, recruitment and contact center services with a blend of different solutions which can be tailored to your needs, so regardless of whether you need to hire or recruit staff or help from our contact center, we are able to deliver and find the best solution.

In Denmark the Pharma Industry is facing a changing environment and there has been an increase in the need for alternatives to the existing affiliate structures. For this reason, Icepharma has now opened in Denmark after many years of experience in Iceland hosting several big pharma companies.

At the same time as the establishment of the affiliate, Ashfield Nordic ApS enters an alliance with Icepharma. With this alliance Ashfield Nordic ApS will be able to further strengthen our offerings within CSO service (Contracted Sales Force) and Contact Center services by bringing both local and Nordic expertise to the Danish market.

With the increased need for flexible sales organization e.g. for use during launches, we now have a new solution to offer the companies in Denmark.

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