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Ashfield Insight & Performance, has released the results of its inaugural Annual Healthcare Training Survey.

The results demonstrate several positive trends for the pharma industry when it comes to attitudes and practices relating to training, including nearly three-quarters of companies reporting a continuous approach to skills development, with a notable shift away from the traditional ‘one and done’ approach.

Lynn Hopkins, Managing Director at Ashfield Insight & Performance, said: “Very little information exists about the quality, impact and value of training in the healthcare industry, so we launched our Annual Healthcare Training Survey to create a benchmark in terms of the quality of training and identify key gaps and needs.

“The questions explore the quality and design of current training, how it is assessed, where internal training sits on the continuum between service provider and strategic partner, and where the gaps are, internally and with service providers.”

Conducted by Ashfield Insight & Performance, the survey’s respondents included people involved in the design and delivery of training within their organisations from pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide.

The survey asked respondents their priorities when it comes to selecting external training partners and measuring the efficacy of training.

Nearly half of the participants said ‘functional expertise in the relevant training area in pharma’ was most important to them when selecting an external training partner with less than a fifth prioritising cost.

When asked how they measured the success of Initial Training Programmes (ITPs), over 60% of training leads said the quality of the first customer interaction following ITP completion was the best indicator that the training was successful.

Hopkins continued: “Training performs an invaluable role in both up-skilling employees to drive business success and enhancing engagement by making them feel valued. A highly skilled and constantly developing team gives businesses a valuable advantage in the market.”

When asked whether respondents would describe their organisation as a learning organisation, nearly 40% disagreed and 10% stated that they did not know. A number of respondents identified this as a current key focus area.

Hopkins finished: “It is clear that for many organisations there are still gaps to be filled and areas for improvement.”

The full results of the inaugural Healthcare Training Survey have been published and analysed in a whitepaper available for download here.

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