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The National Diabetes Education Initiative® (NDEI) recently picked up its third consecutive Digital Health Award for web-based digital health for healthcare professionals, marking its 8th industry award over the past 2 years recognizing the quality of its diabetes education programs for healthcare professionals via their website

The team also won two Interactive Media Awards for healthcare, a Web Health Award for a physician’s website, a W3 award for copywriting, and a Web Award for healthcare standard of excellence.

“We are so proud of our achievement,” said Danielle Gabriel, VP, Independent Educational Initiatives. “It is a very satisfying recognition of the expertise and time that we give to NDEI as a team, and an extension of the value that it offers practicing clinicians.”

ndei logoNDEI produces compelling educational content about diabetes to better inform healthcare professionals about the progression of the disease to help them provide targeted treatment and patient care. Premium content offerings include downloadable slides, interactive guideline summaries, expert blogs, case studies, and patient education materials. The National Diabetes Education Initiative® is managed by Clinical Bridges, an Ashfield company.


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