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Andrew Moore (Head Of Technology & Compliance) recently spoke to MeetPie about how an increasing focus on data, and the sheer volume of information being generated, is changing the role of event planners.

Moore said: “We have witnessed more and more emphasis being placed on the data we handle, from invitation lists, to event registration information and data collected for post-event billing. This is essentially just the transactional data generated as part of any event and excludes the delegate experience information. In recent years this has evolved to include the added complexity of disclosure data for our healthcare clients.”

He added: “The density of data is intensifying at a rapid rate as the user experience is becoming a more prevalent part of pre-, peri- and post-planning. The need to provide delegates with a personalised event experience requires an additional layer of data and information from the outset, and this is being used to drive meeting format and content.”

“As an event agency specialising in servicing the healthcare sector, the data we collate on behalf of our clients is an essential industry requirement and is unquestionably a significant part of our service offering. That said, you are only as successful as the last event you deliver or meeting you manage, so data collection is a key component that enables us to learn, drive meetings programmes and continue to develop event strategies and engaging formats.”

You can read the full article here.

Bigger focus on data is changing the role of event professionals

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