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Enda Scott (Managing Director, Ashfield Healthcare UK) and Keith Buckby (Head of Operations) recently spoke to PharmaTimes about the sales vs outcomes model, contributing to the article ‘What’s your field-force rated on?’.

The article looks at pharma’s sales model and whether the field-force should be measured on sales targets or outcomes targets.

Enda says “There is a general consensus within pharma to become more patient-centric and to focus more on patient outcomes”.

“Patient-centric services have moved beyond being a marketing buzzword,” he says. “This drives greater focus on the need for value-added conversations between pharmaceutical representatives and physicians. And changing the way sales teams operate and are incentivised is an element of that mindset shift.”

Keith Buckby (Head of Operations) believes true sales people however, wouldn’t want to work without targets. Plus, he adds, “The stakes are much higher in an outcomes-based environment because it doesn’t pay off if you end up with a demotivated salesforce”.

You can read the full article from the October issue of PharmaTimes Magazine here.

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