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The way that physicians consume information has changed dramatically over recent years and continues to evolve rapidly.

To understand these evolving behaviours and create a vision of the future of medical communications, Ashfield brought together some of the world’s most forward-thinking, digitally literate physicians in the Ashfield Medical Education Future Forum.
In this exciting webinar, Dr Bertalan Meskó and Dr Partha Kar will join Ashfield’s Ruth Herman and Nigel Campbell to present and discuss insights and predictions from the Medical Education Future Forum and what it means for Pharma, and answer your questions about the future of medical communications.

Moderated by pharmaphorum’s CEO Paul Tunnah, the webinar will explore:
• Why and how are physicians changing the way they receive information?
• What are the trends and technologies shaping the future of medical communication?
• What are the implications for pharma?

The 1-hour webinar is free to attend and will start at 12.30 UK / 13:30 Central Europe / 07:30 Eastern US time on 21st May.

Please click on this link to reserve your place.


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