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Our comprehensive, modular training programme for medical science liaisons.

As the pharma industry evolves, so does the role of an MSL. As this environment changes, we need to refine how we approach their training to ensure they demonstrate value for both customers and clients alike.

Ashfield’s MSL academy is a new training and development programme that has been created with these challenges in mind. It is suitable for new to industry MSLs, MSL managers, existing MSL teams and as a development programme for those considering transitioning into an MSL role.

Modular and comprehensive

Our comprehensive set of training materials has been reviewed by clinicians, key opinion leaders and HCPs across the UK to identify what skills are currently missing within MSL teams across the industry and to match the needs of the individuals that they will be communicating with.

Its modular format means that it can be tailored quickly for existing MSLs to focus on areas of development or update their core skills. As a full programme, it is suitable for new to industry MSLs and can also be used as a development/progression programme for experienced KAMs who may want to transition into an MSL role.

Communication skills

As an addition to the necessary scientific knowledge, a key area of MSL development lies within communications skills. Most MSLs are already scientifically competent by the nature of their academic background, but can sometimes have difficulty with communication, leadership and influencing skills.

Throughout our training we focus on emotional intelligence, leadership capability development and communication effectiveness – all core skills required to succeed in an MSL role. In order to achieve success, we use profiling tools (such as MBTI step II profiling) – the same tools that are used to profile medical students and young doctors as they progress through their education.

MSLs aren’t required to undertake and pass the ABPI exam in the UK, but we think it is incredibly important that our delegates are familiar with the code of practice and understand its implication on their role.  All of our MSL courses will include mandatory APBI training that includes guidance around off label discussions and non-promotional conversations.

Available across all markets

We recognise that most MSL programmes tend to be multi-national and working in partnership with our expert teams in Ashfield Insight and Performance, we have trainers readily available across all markets.

For more information on our MSL services, please follow this link or contact Karen Bell.

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