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We tackle the big question: What does the acceleration of remote and digital engagement mean exactly and what opportunities does it present for the pharma industry to reimagine its future? 

The agility and flexibility of the pharma industry to adapt to lockdown conditions has been nothing short of extraordinary. Now, businesses and their service partners must continue working closely beyond the pandemic to develop a new way of working that puts HCPs at the heart of everything.

As the industry considers its strategies for a post-pandemic world, this whitepaper looks at research and draws upon the experience of our colleagues to reimagine what omnichannel engagement will look like as we enter a whole ‘new normal’.

Key stats inside:

1. Face-to-face meetings between reps and their HCP targets fell 40% from pre-crisis to the peak of the pandemic

2. UK physicians predict rebounding to an average of 3.2 interactions per week, with 39% of interaction being in person

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