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Andrew Winterburn recently spoke to Stand Out magazine about thinking the unthinkable to engage your audience.

Formats of conferences and events all too often follow the same predictable format. What if they didn’t have to?

As an industry we should be embracing disruptive thinking as an agent of change. Disruptive thinking is a unique tool that can help create genuinely new, powerful, client solutions in a whole range of corporate communications. In the conference world, we can use the techniques to challenge the status quo, turn the event experience on its head and develop innovative ways to communicate with audiences.

We should be asking ourselves questions; What if we didn’t have a plenary session? What if we didn’t have speakers or presentations? What if we held the event outside? What if we didn’t use technology? What if we let the delegates decide how they learnt?

By eliminating these expectations and assumptions, we can start to challenge the event format and focus on key objectives, content and delivering added value. By thinking the unthinkable we can be imaginative and innovative with our ideation. We can then sit down and work out how to make these a reality.

Key to making this a success is not creating disruption for disruptions sake but having the insight to the audience needs and then finding a practical solution to add value to the disruption that creates memorable, immersive environments and absorbing learning experiences.

You can read the full article here.

Andrew Winterburn is Global Business Director at Ashfield Meetings & Events and also sits on the EVCOM board.

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