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This initiative offers a comprehensive service, delivering support and advice to pharmacists and cooperatives/wholesalers.

There is a long-standing collaboration between Procter & Gamble and Ashfield Iberia, having worked together on a number of different projects. They have joined forces again to achieve success with an exciting new challenge centering on the whole of Lindor’s absorbent range.

Thanks to the collaboration between both companies, the national meeting to launch the new phase of the Lindor Ausonia Project (focused on pharmacies) was held in November. This meeting was a key example of the intense training and preparation of Lindor’s dedicated Sales and Training Force that will serve pharmacists and cooperatives/wholesalers.


The training ensured that the sales force has a very strong knowledge of the different products and their benefits. It also focused on how to make specific recommendations based on the various different needs of absorbent products users and the experience of their caregivers. In addition, a visit to the factory of Montornés del Vallés (Barcelona) is planned, to allow the sales force to witness all stages of production.

All of this training is complemented with specific marketing tools purposefully designed for the pharmacy. This will enable the sales force to give the best recommendations to the pharmacists on both products and marketing strategy.

According to José Luis Casteig, General Manager of Ashfield Iberia, “Our challenge is to ensure that a high standard is maintained in relation to all of the information and knowledge given to the pharmacist: advice, sales, procurement and service support. This is made possible by the dedicated Lindor sales force which is responsible for medical, nursing and pharmacy visits”.

“This exciting project was created to improve the entire distribution process of our product by bringing in experts in the field of incontinence, absorbent technologies and the Lindor brand to build a deep relationship with medical professionals and pharmacists,” said Manolo Bravo, Sales Director of the Pharmacy Division of Procter & Gamble whose division (P&G Global Pharmacy Solutions) is ranked second in Spanish Consumer Health.

“We are confident that the changes that we have implemented will allow us to regain the success that has always been associated with the Lindor Ausonia brand. The quality of the Ashfield team alongside the tools that we are providing from P&G, give us the best opportunity to achieve this success” said Vanessa Prats, Sales Director for Spain and Portugal P&G.

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