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Ross McLuckie

Ross McLuckie

Contact Centre Business Manager

United Kingdom

To succeed in our goal of improving patient lives, our people in the Commercial Contact Centre work with a variety of healthcare professionals to ensure that their patients receive the highest quality of care available to them.

My role as a Contact Centre Business Manager is to provide the tools, development opportunities and coaching to our digital and hybrid representatives to ensure we’ve completed high quality interactions, effectively communicating the key benefits to using our clients’ medicines to healthcare professionals.

Having started as a Medical Sales Representative in 2015, where I was going into GP surgeries to speak to doctors about cardiovascular medicines, after 18 months I was given the opportunity to join the fastest growing area of pharmaceutical sales by securing a role within the Contact Centre’s Multi-Channel Team based at Ashfield’s Head Office.

After a short period of transitioning to the new exciting world of digital sales, I now manage and support my own team made up of 20 people who utilise multiple technologies and digital avenues to communicate the key product messages to clinicians and ensure customers have access to the latest and most relevant information about the innovative products used to treat their patients.

Our People

We provide insight-led multichannel solutions for our clients working on a global, regional or local level across Europe, the USA and Asia. Our clients trust us to deliver integrated programmes and campaigns targeted at multiple audiences that exceed expectations.

Our values

We are defined by the values we share

Our values guide everything we do. They motivate our attitudes, actions, decisions and relationships with customers, suppliers and each other.


We’re driven by an uncompromising commitment to quality because patients’ lives depend on it.


Our partnerships are built on trust, and that trust is earned by consistently delivering on our promises.


We’re committed to solving problems, being resourceful and thinking differently for our clients every day.


We have a wealth of knowledge and experience built up over many years, so there’s nobody better to safeguard your success.


Our energy, imagination and enthusiasm mean we can deliver your goals, whatever they are.