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Since 2011 Ashfield has pioneered the use of innovative technology through our contact centres to support clients across the world. One such advance is e-detailing. Here’s how it works…

Stage 1: tele-detailing

With access to a large and detailed list of healthcare professionals, our highly trained contact centre representatives begin by planning their calls, using a range of detailed analytics, including sales data, information from previous customer interactions, and key selling messages. They then call healthcare professionals to carry out a promotional sales discussion in line with a client’s brand strategy. If the customer is interested, the representative will then book an interactive e-detailing session.

Stage 2: e-detailing

 The representative sends an invitation via email and the customer joins the interactive call. The e-detailing session is carried out via a remote platform. It’s intuitively simple, but the rep is trained should the customer need a hand getting started. Innovative software allows the representative to full-screen mirror the engaging promotional material directly on the customer’s screen. The representative will discuss key points and interactively guide them through it as they talk.

Stage 3: after the call

After the call, the representative records all details in the system. They also send follow-up emails on request, all approved by our internal quality department. They also send bespoke surveys to customers to collect a mixture of information on the customer’s channel preference so that we can tailor future contact appropriately.

There are many benefits of using the Ashfield e-detailing service. Because the average interactive e-detail is longer than a typical face-to-face interaction, our representatives have more time to build strong customer relationships.

All contact centre representatives are ABPI qualified, have excellent communication and presentation skills, and technical capabilities. They all partake in rigorous training in selling skills, gaining access, customer service and both our client’s and our own selling model.

All calls are recorded, reviewed and audited to ensure the highest quality and identify any areas for training and development. Representatives will also listen back to their own conversations and carry out a self-evaluation, which is scored against the specified selling model. And for every single project, we offer detailed analytics through bespoke dashboards which report against KPIs and coverage, on both a team and an individual basis.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Ashfield’s Contact Centre services, please contact Karen Bell on +44 7823 535956 or email Karen Bell.

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