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Ashfield is the no.1 contract sales organisation (CSO) in 12 countries across the globe, working flexibly so that our clients can deploy powerful teams, fast.

With over 5,000 pharmaceutical sales representatives, hospital specialists, key account managers, remote representatives, field service representatives and medical science liaisons worldwide, we’ve got a reputation for genuine partnerships and talented people.

Here are some examples of how we have partnered with our clients to achieve commercial success…

1: Recruiting high-performing, award-winning representatives

We recruited 13 experienced representatives within eight days – and sales for the first week were the highest ever for the brand since it had been available in the UK. The team proceeded to win “team of the year” at our client’s annual awards ceremony.

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2: Reducing promotional spend and maintaining market share

Our client needed to reduce promotional spend to maximize the profitability of a mature brand. To address this, Ashfield recruited a team of 6 Remote Account Managers and a National Commercial Manager.

Overall savings for our client on promotional spend was £1 million. Based on this success, our client expanded use of remote detailing teams to other brands in their portfolio.

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3: Achieving higher market share in combined Ashfield and client territories than client-only territories

Ashfield worked with our client in the competitive asthma market to increase market share. Share in the Ashfield territories (combined Ashfield and client) was 92% higher than the client-only territories – increasing total market to 45% above target.

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4: Driving growth of OTC brands with an outsourced sales force

Our client wanted to strengthen their market position for a number of mature OTC (over the counter) brands. We helped change strategy to an Ashfield-only team, and created an in-house sales team (contact centre). The in-house team is responsible for 4,000 pharmacies as well as supporting field reps sell-in into 11,000 pharmacies.

There has been 20% increase in market share for three key brands since Ashfield started.

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5: Providing commercial strategy services to revive a lagging specialty brand

Our client had flat sales over the past year for a buy-and-bill brand. Ashfield provided a commercial strategy service and rebuilt the core framework – including training, sales aids and messaging

Our client was able to turn their sales force around and immediately create growth.

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6: Providing innovative new models to rejuvenate mature brands

Ashfield delivered a field service model to a portfolio of mature brands. Within two months, the team averaged over 18 calls per day and within six months, 20.4 calls per day.

The cost per HCP per brand contact was around $6, and over 90% of patients and physicians were ‘extremely satisfied’ with the service.

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7: Establishing a commercial and medical footprint in new countries

Our client had a presence within Ophthalmology in four EU markets and wanted to expand to 15 more. We gathered and built a unique menu of services that could be deployed and tailored to each country’s requirements, establishing a marketing presence in 10 countries to date.

Our teams were assessed for commercial effectiveness and achieved higher scores than the industry average.

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Our global teams of healthcare experts are agile and ready to use their local knowledge to build scalable solutions for our client’s healthcare challenges.

We work with companies large and small, who value authentic partnerships and need a responsive expert partner they can trust.

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