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The 8 most popular contact centre services for pharma brands

As a fast-growing part of the multichannel mix, contact centres are increasingly being used as an effective channel to promote brands and support patients.

Here are the most common ways* contact centres can be used:

Download the 8 most popular contract centre services infographic

*Based on services requested by our clients.

If you would like to download this infographic, please click here.

Ashfield is a leading contact centre partner, providing multichannel services to the healthcare industry. We have >750 contact centre representatives globally and deliver the complete portfolio of contact centre services.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Ashfield’s multichannel services, please get in touch. In the UK, please contact Karen Bell on +44 7823 535956 or email Karen Bell. For the U.S., Europe and Japan, please email Mark Gibson.

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