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“A unique opportunity to work in a challenging role while being surrounded by a very supportive and friendly team. It’s a great place to strengthen your character and career”. Urvi Yadev, one of our Medical Information Officers, explains what a day in her role looks like. 

Ashfield’s Medical Information centre is a customer focused, proactive and exciting department that assists pharmaceutical and medical device companies in ensuring queries about their products are answered quickly and correctly.

Our team handles around 2000 calls a month spanning across vaccines, pharmaceuticals and specialty products. We act as a hub of knowledge for hundreds of products – typically answering queries within minutes of receiving them. Everything we do embodies our five values: Quality, Partnership, Ingenuity, Expertise and Energy.


My role as a Medical Information Officer means I am at the forefront of our client’s company. I am often the first and only point of contact for their customers, so I always have to demonstrate high levels of energy and expertise. On a typical day I will be taking calls and providing the caller with a response as soon as I can. The role requires me to be flexible and I have to plan my day around the amount of inbound calls we get. In between calls I will be answering email replies which means constantly balancing various tasks.

I will receive calls typically from healthcare professionals or patients who are using our products. I have to listen, understand and often tease out the question from the caller to make sure I am answering their request in the best possible way. I will use a wide variety of sources to formulate a reply, most of the time I am able to reply to the request while the caller is still on the phone. This is because I have easy access to product licences, patient information leaflets, frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and our own internal database. By being extremely resourceful I am able to provide accurate and balanced information on our client’s products.

Challenges to the role

It can be difficult speaking to patients sometimes as they can be stressed or upset. I have to remain fair, empathetic and honest while not promoting any of our pharmaceutical products. Each call varies slightly but by following protocols and standard operating procedures I am able to deliver consistent high quality customer service.

Often patients call in if their insulin pen has jammed and they are in dire need to take their next dose. Patients can sometimes be concerned about contacting their doctor. On one occasion, I had an elderly patient call me in the afternoon because her surgery was closed and her pen was not dispensing her insulin dose. I was able to troubleshoot the issues she had with the pen over the phone and managed to fix the device. By being ingenious I impacted her health directly while delivering a professional service as expected by the client.

Medical Information and my outlook

For me, the role is really rewarding as not many departments get direct contact with patients, therefore I get first-hand experience on how life changing our products are. Although I am not providing medical advice, I help to educate patients and point them in the right direction. When I help healthcare professionals make informed decisions on their patient’s treatments I am saving them valuable time in their day. By empowering people with their health it gives them confidence in our service. This then reflects positively in the company’s reputation and instills trust in our end users, which creates a win-win situation, the best partnership there is!

This job allows me to interact with different departments, get an insight into new products and means I am always updated on current affairs. If you are interested in moving into a clinical scientific role and enjoy working in a welcoming team, then I would recommend joining Ashfield.

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