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So much more than templates and tick boxes is required

Considering today’s complex healthcare environment, it’s paradoxical that just about every molecule’s launch success pivots largely on two high-level strategic requirements: identifying and creating differentiated value in the context of an unmet need, and optimising market access and reimbursement.

In experience, detail holds the key when it comes to critically prioritising what is and isn’t important for each individual launch readiness strategy, so that the compound, the brand and perhaps the entire global organisation and market are optimally primed for competitive advantage.

To guide strategic launch readiness planning and execution, many companies have established the use of centrally-developed roadmaps with specific milestones for global, regional and local input and senior management approval.

Gemma Pfister

Gemma Pfister, Senior Vice President at InterPhase Consult, explains the top recommandations for planning an effective strategic launch readiness.

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