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A little about me…

After completing a BSc in Biomedical Science and Msc (Res) in Translational Oncology at the University of Sheffield, I took a gap year and worked in a ski resort in Austria for the winter season. I was a last-minute addition to an assessment day just before heading off to go travelling, and received the news that I had been successful while sitting in a hostel in the Himalayas in India! When I’m not at work, you’ll likely find me on a horse, often in the mornings before my commute.

Joining allegro

I joined allegro in October 2018 in the third intake, aged 23. I relocated to Manchester and worked in Macclesfield for the first year, but have since moved closer to home and work from the London office.

My experience of the training programme…

Allegro training is a bit like a rollercoaster, but with less loops and more confusing terminology. You will go from having (probably) very little knowledge of med comms, to experiencing every aspect of the business within two months. However, I really cannot think of a better way to prepare yourself to hit the ground running in an agency; the continuous support and one-to-one feedback is an invaluable way to get your writing up to scratch and gain an understanding of the industry as a whole. Training with other people not only means that you aren’t in it alone, but also sets you up with a built-in network across the company.

During the allegro programme…

Ashfield is split into several different agencies – as part of allegro you will complete two 5-month rotations in different agencies within the business. I completed my first rotation within a haematology oncology publications team at Gardiner-Caldwell Communications (where I work now).  My second rotation was with GeoMed, working on non-small cell lung cancer publications. I found the structure of the programme and regular feedback highly motivating, and the ongoing support of our agency mentors was key to maintaining continuous personal development.

My highlights of allegro

This is a cliché, but my highlight is absolutely the people I’ve met through allegro, and in the different agencies and offices. If I were to choose highlights of the job itself, they would be the varied workload that means you never get bored, along with Ashfield’s focus on allowing flexibility for you to fit work around your lifestyle wherever possible.

One key take-away…

Never be afraid to ask questions, but also make sure you have a good think about how you might approach a problem, rather than just asking for the answer. This way you (and your team) can develop confidence in your ability to make decisions, and to know when to ask for help.

Advice to future intakes…

Use your network to your advantage, get to know people from all the allegro intakes and people in all roles in the agencies you join. Having this unique oversight into the operation of different teams across the business will not only help your personal development, but might even enable you to bring fresh ideas to the teams that you join!



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