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It has been nearly 7 months since I joined the Allegro programme, an initiative launched by Ashfield Healthcare Communications to fast track the training of new Associate Medical Writers (AMW). After 2 months of class-based teaching (the details of which I have covered in a previous blog post), we were all placed within one of Ashfield Healthcare Communications’ many agencies for the first of our 2 rotations.

I was fortunate enough to be sent to ACUMED/Seren, an agency that serves several high profile pharmaceutical companies in producing a wide-range of Med Comms products and services. The team I joined is primarily concerned with assisting our client in producing materials that help to educate healthcare professionals about the efficacy and safety of its recently approved Multiple Sclerosis (MS) treatment. I am now approaching the end of my placement here and I can honestly say it has been an amazing experience. I’ve learnt so much in such a short period!

I must admit, when I first joined I was daunted by the prospect of applying all that I had learnt in the training element of the course in a real-world setting, as we were taught so much in such a short time-frame. Furthermore, my knowledge of MS was virtually non-existent, so initially it was a steep learning curve to get up to speed. However, my colleagues immediately made me feel at home and any initial reservations I had were quickly dismissed. Indeed, the level of support I have received so far has left me feeling confident and happy in my decision to enroll on the Allegro course and develop my career in Healthcare Communications with Ashfield.

Since joining ACUMED/Seren I have worked on a broad range of different projects, which included preparation of various internal training documents for our client’s employees/healthcare professionals, writing a report on the EAN 2018 neurology congress and preparation of content for a pipeline booth (that also appeared at EAN 2018). I love that the wide scope of work has meant that no 2 days have ever felt the same; it is exactly what I was hoping for when I first joined. The highlight of my time here was when I was offered the opportunity to work onsite at the EAN 2018 congress, which meant travelling to Lisbon for 5 days to report on a wide range of different presentations on Multiple Sclerosis. The working days were very long, but the feeling of camaraderie and in-office support allowed me to take so much away from the experience. I’ll always be extremely grateful I was given such a great opportunity so early on into my time as an AMW.

I currently have just over 2 weeks remaining before I am sent to my next placement at iMed/QXV. Here I will be working on an account that is primarily focused on providing writing support for their client’s publications output (quite different from what I have been doing at ACUMED/Seren, which is more focused on creating educational materials for internal use by our clients). Though I’m sad to be leaving such a great team of people behind, I’m also relishing the new challenges and opportunities that will present themselves in the future, and I’m really looking forward to meeting more of my colleagues within the wider Ashfield team. Roll on the next 5 months!

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