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Since our last visit, Hope House is now fully operational and has already received numerous referrals for terminally ill guests to spend the day in a relaxing environment, receiving support from the fantastic Hospice team and giving carers the opportunity to have a free day to themselves.

Visit 2 – 22nd May 2017

Following the success of our first visit at Hope House, we were keen to arrange a return visit to provide further assistance in the hospice grounds and to continue conversations on utilising our skills to help benefit this amazing charity.

On this occasion we took advantage of the long summer evenings and arrived at Hope House after a typically busy Monday at work and ultimately found it a great way to take our mind off any work pressures. Stewart, from Hospice Hope, gladly met us again and was very grateful with the continued support, with two additional recruits, Anna Mollart-Solity and Georgia Woodhall. With only a couple of hours available, we were quickly assigned to some odd jobs that have to be put off during the day, as the Hospice Hope team dedicate all their time to the guests. So, volunteers are always welcome to help with the ongoing maintenance of the garden to keep it as a beautiful area for the guests to relax in.

The two hours involved us splitting into groups and tackling different areas of the garden, from weeding and clearing debris, to creating a large flowerbed for planting, as part of a sensory section for the guests to take in different smells and colours from a variety of carefully selected plants. Armed with spades, forks and weed guns we took to work and despite a few flower casualties as part of the weed culling process, we finished the jobs at hand and headed for some well-earned refreshments.

Georgia Woodhall, Adam Occleshaw, Neil Doyle, Jarrat Parsons and Anna Mollart-Solity

Now with the labour work complete, we turned back to discussing how we can provide further support utilising our skills gained working at Ashfield. Within seconds, Stewart (and his colleague Peter) raised the need for the recruitment of a full-time fundraiser for the charity. After spending over £2000 on newspaper adverts, they have had little response and were keen to use our expertise in this area to help secure some strong applicants for this role. Peter had already prepared a full job description and advert for use and we talked around utilising more online resources to reach out to a larger pool of people and attract as many applicants as possible. We are currently in the process of advertising and will hopefully be able to fill this position for Hospice Hope very soon!

We see the above as an excellent example of how instead of donating £2000 through fundraising events, we could potentially save the charity from spending this amount of money in the first place, by simply using our expertise used on a daily basis at work, and then pass this expertise on so they can do any further recruitment in a similar way, saving time and money.

At Ashfield, our mission is to help improve lives. We do this every day by working with our clients to help healthcare professionals and patients get the medicines, knowledge and support they need. We are also committed to using our size, resources and geographical reach to have a positive impact on the communities around us through the work of Ashfield Cares globally.

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