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The Pf Awards are the leading pharmaceutical awards in the UK, and have been recognising talent in the industry for the last 17 years. We were thrilled to have two winners at the 2017 Pf Awards ceremony – we sat down with Neil Lawton, joint-winner of the e-Detailer of the Year Award, to ask him about his experience in the competition.

Neil, a huge congratulations on retaining Ashfield’s e-Detailer of the Year crown! Can you tell me a little more about your role?

I feel very lucky to be part of an Ashfield e-detailing team. My role is specialist in nature – I contact consultants and nurses in hospital environments to help them get the best results from the products I work on, which ultimately could transform a patient’s life.

Unfortunately, the disease area I work in affects a lot of people, both young and old. Helping healthcare professionals deliver the best treatment for patients, then hearing their success stories makes me feel like I’ve played a role in improving someone’s quality of life – and that’s great.

How would you describe the Pf Awards nomination process?

First you’re nominated by your line manager, then you complete an entry application form listing your top three achievements over the last 12 months.

During the assessment day, various key competencies are measured via a product sales call, an NHS assessment and a business and NHS case presentation.  The day was thorough, challenging and great fun! Although you attend as an individual, you really do feel part of a special team and everyone feeds off the energy created.

What are your recollections of the Awards evening?

Alongside everything else, it was great to attend the Awards with everyone who went down from Ashfield – spending time together away from the contact centre.

London is always an exciting place to visit and the venue where the Awards were being held did not disappoint – the atmosphere was amazing. The awards were compèred by Marcus Brigstocke, who made the evening flow brilliantly with lots of laughter.

After the awards were presented, we were all able to relax and enjoy ourselves with friends – both old and new!

How did you celebrate your win?

I celebrated with the Ashfield team – the evening went incredibly fast and by the end I was drained!

For me, it was great to get back to Ashby and share the success we had achieved with all of my colleagues. I really enjoyed being congratulated on my success, it further proved to me what a great and supportive team of people we have at Ashfield.

Where are you now keeping your award?

It has pride of place on my desk – it’s a constant reminder of a great night and why we do what we do. The award makes me appreciate what a great industry I have the privilege to work in.

What advice would you give to those considering applying next year?

For Ashfield, we need to make it three winners of the e-detailer award in three years!

The process will challenge anyone who applies, but it enables you to push your own limits and learn new skills – it’s a very enjoyable and fun process.

I have learned that if you never enter then you certainly won’t win!


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