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“Every day in the life of an e-detailer is always different and exciting with some days more of a chase than others!” Sukhdeep Kaur, one of our e-detailers, explains what life is like in Ashfield’s contact centre.

The pharmaceutical industry has always been renowned for having large sales forces going out on the road, surgery to surgery, to sell devices and medications to the NHS. E-detailing is exactly that, but with the representatives talking to healthcare professionals over the phone and delivering sales presentations through software.

Contact centre - a day in the life of an e-detailerThis is an additional multichannel avenue that allows doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to speak to us – but at a time and date that this is convenient for them!

It works like this – online presentations (details) are booked following an initial speculative call to gain an understanding of their needs. This means we can provide tailored solutions to their problems within our presentation.

E-detailer roles in Ashfield can either be based at our head office, the client’s offices, or occasionally field-based (working from home). I work within a team at Ashfield’s UK Commercial contact centre as one of two respiratory specialists. I work alongside other e-detailing teams in therapeutic areas such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

On average, e-detailers make around 60 ‘dials’ a day from their target lists, resulting in 4-10 quality interactions with healthcare professionals (dependent on the therapy area and HCP type). We can cover large, sometimes national, territories in both primary and secondary care.

Living the values

It’s important we all apply the five values that Ashfield prides itself in. We put our ingenuity and expertise into these online presentations and client sales campaigns, and we put all our energy into working in partnership with healthcare professionals so that patients can receive the quality care they need. Not only are we working in partnership with the NHS industry, but also with regional business managers and field representatives on the road.

We’re extremely lucky to have fantastic concierge teams who work very closely with e-detailers and field force teams. Their job is to book as many appointments as they can. This is a non-promotional role, meaning they can’t mention any product names or details, so it’s a challenging task!

Contact centre - a day in the life of an e-detailerA typical day

Just like field reps, we have KPIs – key performance indicators – to meet. In order for us to meet these targets, good planning and organisation is essential. In between our booked appointments, we make all our speculative calls between 8.30am and 5pm and log every call on our customer relationship management system.

On the morning of a booked appointment we send the customer an email containing a link. When the customer clicks the link, they automatically join a meeting that allows us to display the sales presentation on their screen. These appointments vary between 10 minutes and an hour.


The challenge

The main challenge for us, is that we can’t see the healthcare professional in front of us, so we have to listen very carefully to understand their current prescribing habits in that therapeutic area and promote our brands accordingly to their specific needs. The fact we can share sales presentations helps here, adds value for the customer and makes it a lot easier for us to explain.

Like field representatives, we’re trying to work in partnership with healthcare professionals, and it’s a skill to build rapport with the customer and get them to trust not only you but also your brand without face-to-face contact.

Contact centre - a day in the life of an e-detailer

The benefits

As an e-detailer we can have all our key selling messages, reminders, national guidelines or any other resources in front of us at all times to refer back to if necessary.

The level of trust we build in a very short period of time enables us to quickly impact on prescribing. A recent success of mine included gaining access to a customer that previously had a closed door policy to industry representatives. As a result of our Contact Centre resources and perseverance I was able to introduce new therapy area products that they previously had not prescribed.

Every day in the life of an e-detailer is always different and exciting with some days more of a chase than others! There are fantastic opportunities within the Commercial Contact Centre and I’d highly recommend this role to anyone up for a challenge and who wants to work as part of team that makes a difference.

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