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Our clinical business is multi-faceted and there are a variety of services we offer our clients. Nurse Advisors are a key role that enable our clients to directly influence positive patient outcomes. Our nurse teams visit both patients and Healthcare Professionals but are completely non-promotional. They can provide clinical support either in-clinic or in patients’ own homes, and can directly administer treatments as well as educate on the patient’s disease to improve treatment adherence.

The service which Nurse Advisors provide is a fantastic opportunity to directly benefit patients and provide value back to healthcare organisations across the world, such as the NHS in the UK. We’d like to introduce you to one of our Nurse Advisors today and learn more about how she improves patients’ lives.

I’m Anne Baker and I’m a Nurse Advisor at Ashfield. I am one of four nurses in our client’s team that supports patients and healthcare professionals in the community. We cover a variety of treatments and conditions for both adults and children.


We receive referrals on a daily basis indicating new patients enrolled onto the service.  We need to be very flexible to accommodate the schedules of HCPs and patients, therefore planning is a critical part of the role. My day usually starts with telephone calls with healthcare professionals to arrange training or with a patient to arrange a home visit.

Patient centricity

I help patients with injection training in the comfort of their own home. It’s such a rewarding experience to see patients empowered and confident to inject themselves. It’s a weight off their mind as they avoid hospital visits and time away from home. It’s also reassuring for me and their doctors to know they’re doing well and have their treatment under control. I’m there to reinforce the initial education given by their hospital and ensure each patient has a better understanding of their own condition and treatment. Ultimately, this all enhances their quality of life.


I work hand in hand with a patient’s existing clinical team. I provide their doctors with thorough feedback on each patient interaction by e-mail, letter or a face-to-face follow up visit. This way we create a close working relationship with each hospital and help enhance the connection between healthcare professional, nurse and patient.


Working with patients and accessing health records is highly regulated. When I arrive home it’s essential that I record every interaction in detail and safely store these records. I also take time to make sure I have all the resources required to provide any training sessions coming up, and order more stock if needed.

As a registered nurse, it’s important I consistently gather evidence from my activities for revalidation of my registration. This is a requirement needed to support my registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council to continue to practice as a nurse. We have to complete a certain amount of clinical hours, provide proof that we are up-to-date, have had adequate training updates and reflect on items in our practice to improve our knowledge and skills. This ensures we continue to provide high quality care to patients.

Making a difference

Patients see us as a good source of information and often contact us for help or advice. Part of my time involves calling patients back to listen and resolve any queries they have. We make sure every element of our service is accessible, runs smoothly and meets patients’ needs.

Every day is different, exciting and rewarding. The nature of my territory means that some days can be more tiring and challenging than others. However, it’s a great place to work and I’m lucky to have a fantastic team to be part of.

I love my job and it’s an absolute pleasure to be making a huge difference to patients’ lives in the community.

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