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The pharma industry is increasingly expected to offer flexibility in the way it engages healthcare providers while meeting an increased demand for demonstrable value of drug products. What challenges do pharma sales teams face in the post-blockbuster age of digital selling?

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Advances in diagnostics and the efficacy of treatments means people are living longer and better than ever. Growing expectations and dependency on medication and the fact that fewer people are funding healthcare is causing funding issues. Pricing, reimbursement and market access therefore remain the pharma industry’s core challenges.

In recent years, blockbuster products have been the foundation of big pharma business. The success of such products means they have dictated a simple, catch-all approach to commercial models. This is being challenged in two fundamental ways.

It may take a few years for the switch to digital-led HCP engagement to fully take hold – but it will happen, subtly and then all at once.

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