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PharmaField recently published an article on traditional sales versus remote detailing, featuring commentary from Ashfield’s Karen Bell. The article has opinions from several industry leaders on the changing face of pharma sales – and the need to keep up with the digital realm. Here’s what Karen had to say:

karen-bell250x375Sales techniques have evolved with advances in technology to include an increasing element of digital marketing, with the majority of pharma companies now using digital sales aids, and increasingly, an element of remote detailing.

Channel preference is the key here; there will always be healthcare professionals who want to have face-to-face interactions, but there are an increasing number of customers who are willing – and indeed prefer- to engage remotely, via either the telephone or on a digital platform such as WebEx.

Successful co-existence of face-to-face calling and remote detailing is dependent on selecting the preferred delivery method for that customer. Pharma companies need to be able to effectively map preference and deliver calls via the selected channel using a variety of digital tools and content.

Remote detailing can open up access to previously unseen customers, and provides more effective use of a representative’s time. This allows for vast geographies to be serviced by a relatively small team of people.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about Ashfield’s contact centre sales teams, please get in touch. In the UK, please call Karen Bell on +44 7823 535956 or email her at For other enquiries, please call +44 1530 562300 or contact us online.


The full article was originally published in the November issue of PharmaField. Please click here to read.

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