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Exhibit booths continue to play an important role in the communications spectrum. From sharing the latest clinical data on established brands to focusing on products in development, they provide a unique environment for companies to share the most relevant information about their brands with healthcare professionals in an engaging space.

As an award-winning world leading agency, Ashfield Meetings & Events | Exhibits is much more than an exhibit house; we are a strategic partner that has the insight and experience to ensure that you can maximise the impact that your business will have on the show floor. We know that the landscape has changed for exhibits within the healthcare environment over the last few years with audience demographics, institutional changes, shifting social values and the increased use of technology to access clinical data impacting the nature of how healthcare companies engage with delegates within the exhibit hall.

Our latest infographic, which you can download here, shows that when commissioning an exhibit booth, it’s important to consider what are the critical success factors to help you to demonstrate return on investment and ensure that the design, functionality and messaging fit in to your wider strategic communications and marketing initiatives. This includes:

• Ensuring that the exhibit fits into your wider communications strategy
• Knowing and understanding your audience’s educational needs
• Realising that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to engagement activities
• Packaging content in the most appropriate format

For further information about anything contained in this infographic, or to learn more about Ashfield Meetings & Events | Exhibits, please contact Luke Flett.

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