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Everybody, across every industry, has transferable skills. These skills can be very attractive to employers and make you stand out from the crowd. Identifying your own transferable skills – and assessing your prior experience – is an essential exercise you should undertake when applying for a new role. You may have a huge range of desirable skills without even realising!

How to identify your transferable skills and discover your hidden talents


They are the kind of skills that employers love to see, and can come from previous jobs, projects, volunteer work, sport – even your hobbies and interests!

These skills can be a combination of several different attributes, for example:

  • Knowledge – this can be your educational background, work experience or specific knowledge of markets, geographical areas or products
  • Attitude – the way in which you approach things – your drive, enthusiasm or motivation
  • Character – your personality qualities, such as your sense of humour, willingness to work in a team or diplomacy
  • Strengths – anything you are naturally talented at, such as specific subjects like maths or English – as well as desirable business qualities like public speaking
  • Experience – what you have done so far in your career and outside of work – work experience, qualifications, training, voluntary work

Ready to find your transferable skills?

Follow these three steps to prepare yourself for your interview:

1) Answer the following questions and match these to a skill.

  • What successes have you achieved in previous roles or at University? How were these achieved and how did you ensure that you met your goals?
  • Did you encounter problems along the way? How did you overcome these?
  • What qualities do you have that helped you reach your goals?
  • Were these successes independent or as part of a team? If part of a team, how did you ensure everyone worked together? Did you support each team member to achieve one common goal?
  • Would you describe yourself as goal-orientated? Why?
  • How to you balance your work and personal life?
  • What are you passionate about? Why?

2) Look back at all of your highlighted skills and group them together into the attributes above (knowledge, attitude, character, strengths and experience).

3) Update your CV with these skills and remember which attributes you matched a skill to so it’s top of mind during your next interview.

Well done, if you’ve done these three steps, you’re well prepared for your competency based interview!

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