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Marsha Caplin, VP Innovation, and Andrew Binns, SVP Strategy and Planning, take you on their Lions Health journey sharing insights and highlights along the way from this hugely popular festival of creativity that “puts great ideas that transcend tough frameworks under the microscope and inspires the industry with fresh possibilities.”.

Cannes Lions, the world renowned international festival of creativity, kicks-off with a 2 day focus on healthcare and life-changing creativity at the 3rd Annual Cannes Lions Health.

Join us here as we bring you all the exciting and innovative highlights.

Bags are unpacked and it’s back to the office for Andrew and Marsha. Now that they’ve had time to reflect on the great creativity and innovation they saw over a fantastic two days at Lions Health, what were their highlights from across the two days? Here they share those inspiring moments…

If you want to learn more about the great work and creative thinking that Andrew and Marsha saw during their two days at Lions Health, why not visit the award winners area here?

And here’s how their Lions Health journey started…

Passport and Euros packed…what are we looking forward to the most?

Andrew shares his highlights from the first morning…

As the sun goes down over beautiful Cannes and day one of Lions Health draws to a close, Andrew shares some of the afternoon’s best bits for him

And who were the big award winners on the night?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Lions Health highlights, please join us next year when we hope to bring you more exciting and innovative ideas back from Lions Health.

You can also read Andrew Binns’ article ‘Celebrating creativity at Lions Health’ here.

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