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Nominated by Gavin Houston, Laura Brown won in our Expertise category in the CEO Awards for her work in creating a new management layer within Ashfield Meetings & Events.

Laura on her win said “Being nominated and making it to the short list was a huge honour, one that means that much more when you know that your peers have had a voice in putting you forward. Winning the award is the icing on the cake. Winning the nomination is such a kind way to be recognised.”

When Laura moved from Ashfield Meetings & Events UK to join the Ashfield Meetings & Events US team in early 2015 to start a new role as VP Client Operations, there weren’t enough managers in place within the team. Laura set about creating a new management layer within the organisation, doing this very methodically by working with her direct level reports to identify project manager level team members (the level below manager).

Laura has since grown the operations management team from 10 managers, to over 20 managers to support the AME US business. Specifically, in Financial Year 2017, the team increased the headcount from 113 to 151 employees. Laura was recognised for her work via a promotion from VP to SVP Client Operations and joined the Ashfield Meetings & Events board.

The reason Laura won in the Expertise category is because she knows that in order to achieve her goals for the organisation, she needs to involve others and ‘bring them with her’. Laura brought her direct reports on this journey with her. Laura also had the idea of creating Ashfield Meetings & Events’s LEAD team of managers an ecosystem where those managers were actively encouraged to collaborate as a team.

Brendan McAtamney, Chief Executive Officer congratulated Laura saying “I would like to congratulate Laura on her CEO Award 2017 win in our Expertise category. At UDG Healthcare, we live by our values. Our people have a wealth of knowledge and expertise built up over many years. This experience goes into everything we do, every single day, to deliver real benefit to our clients and customers. Laura won this award for her continual effort in creating a better structured team in Ashfield Meetings & Events and particularly, because of her drive and ability to involve and motivate the team around her to support this venture.”

Laura tells us how she lives by Expertise in the working life “I think to strive to be an expert at something, you need to be willing and able to listen to the people who are at the heart of the business. Keeping a strong concentration on our event delivery and making sure to stay connected to our incredible teams is a sure way to continue to learn and develop.”

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