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PharmaTimes recently published an article discussing the ever-increasing menu of tools, technologies and tactics available to pharma – is the industry ready to innovate?

Marketing outside the box - Is the industry ready to innovate?

Here’s an excerpt featuring Karen Bell, Director of Business Development at Ashfield UK Commercial and Clinical.

‘Think pharmaceutical marketing these days and the buzz words digital, consumer engagement, multichannel, and closed-loop all come to mind. There is now a dizzying array of tools, technologies and tactics that can be combined in various permutations to create marketing campaigns unheard of a mere five to 10 years ago. Add to this the shift to specialty medicines, the need to demonstrate value, as well as the rise of the engaged patient, and pharma has one complex marketing landscape on its hands.

Karen Bell, Ashfield Commercial & Patient SolutionsKaren Bell commented, “Many companies have retained ‘traditional’ methods based around journal advertising and salesforce promotion, and most have evolved to the use of iPads/digital campaigns incorporating a ‘closed loop’ element. In terms of actual innovation in the marketing space, it’s unfortunately limited to a few areas or companies”.

“There is a minority of companies that have well-developed digital strategies, though many companies are now experimenting with various aspects of digital, varying from digital campaigns to e-detailing pilots but for many the jury is still out as to how effective the digital channel is compared with the field sales representative”.’

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