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Nominated by Michelle Corneau, the Physicians Online (POL) team won our Ingenuity category in the CEO Awards for their work on revenue streams and erosion mitigating.

The POL team budgeted revenue for Financial Year 2017 was forecasted at $3.2M, which represented a negative impact of $600K over Financial Year 2016. The team was asked to keep the revenue stream as flat as possible and mitigate the erosion or face losing the business. They  went through a relentless exercise in searching for ways to reduce waste and improve the processes. Not only did the team succeed in stopping the erosion, but they increased revenue by implementing a series of initiatives:

  1. Implemented an ingenious hybrid solution that tackled the problem of samples warming up when transferred by post carriers to HCP’s from cold storage. The hybrid initiative alone cut costs by $100K in the span of 6 months (January to June 2017).
  2. Relentlessly maximised the client PO’s by ensuring stock was received on time and enough to fulfil the projected orders.
  3. Ensured BD knew the gap in revenue and on-boarded new clients quickly and efficiently.
  4. Proved value-add to their clientele by supplying quick and easy-to-read reports showing the benefits of the program.

The team increased revenue by $700K over budget in Financial Year 2017, which is an increase of $100K over Financial Year 2016.

The POL individual team efforts included:

  • Sandra Debove, Manager: Led the team and all the initiatives that were implemented. She played a major role in implementing and measuring the impact of the hybrid solution.
  • Kathleen Ilao, Coordinator: Kathleen played a huge role in maximizing PO’s, renewing contracts and advising BD on what was needed to retain/grow the business.
  • Richard Lancaster, CSR: Richard continuously provided friendly customer service to the HCP’s.
  • Shuveniya Prabaharan, CSR: Shuveniya is very knowledgeable in the POL process and helped by supporting the Coordinator and Manager tasks.
  • Danielle Bendavid, QA Director: Danielle had a big role in documenting and implementing the steps in piloting, launching and measuring the Hybrid solution.
  • George Hoaghea, IT Director: George provided essential support in developing the new process in the management of daily shipments necessary to the success of the hybrid solution.

Michelle Corneau from the POL team said: “Winning this award validates the effort spent as a team to clearly define an issue, brainstorm on a solution, execute the solution, and measure its results. This award has re-ignited our drive for pushing boundaries and remaining the most compliant sampling programme in Canada. It also reminds us that the status quo must be questioned. Otherwise there is no progression. We are number 1 and we intend on keeping it that way.”

Using Ingenuity in their working life, Michelle said “Our innovation is what sets us apart from our competitors. The moment we put our heads down in complacency is the moment we lose our edge as the leading sampling programme in Canada. Our hybrid idea started as a small idea which some thought was insignificant. By working together and pushing our creativity and resources, we succeeded in developing from a simple concept to a trail-blazing solution.”

The POL team received recognition from Brendan McAtamney, Chief Executive Officer: “I would like to extend a huge congratulations to the Physicians Online (POL) team who won the Ingenuity award. This value means that we are committed to solving problems, being resourceful, and thinking differently for our clients every day. This team faced a particularly hard task and had to move fast to solve the problem. They came up with an ingenious way to mitigate the erosion and each team member truly played a part in the success of the project.”


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