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You’ve invested millions in the development of your new drug or therapy and have successfully completed clinical trials - now you are ready to launch. Data has been collected, efficacy is understood and side effects are recorded. But an important question remains: is your target patient population prepared?

Have you put a plan in place that addresses how they are being impacted, not just physically, but socially and emotionally when they are taking the medication?

Supporting the patient from the very outset, putting the patient first, is paramount to adherence and the medication’s overall success. What resources you put in place – whether with an interim action plan or one that is tied to the medication’s life cycle, will drive overall success.

All therapies have their unique attributes, and not all will require the same level of support. However, at the very least, one should take advantage of the opportunity to help patients understand the reason for their medication and how to properly take it to improve adherence and concordance.

Ashfield has developed considerable expertise in this area by using our contact centre nurse teams to bridge the gap in your patient support structure or to provide a concierge service.

Our contact centre nurse teams have been very successful in helping patients feel they are not alone; they are a reassuring resource for patients to rely on if they need information or someone to talk to. They can help patients with such concerns as:

  • Overcoming unpleasant side effects
  • Managing difficulties they may be experiencing with taking the medication
  • Adjusting to a new treatment regimen and its impact on daily life

Once the patient is on-track and has overcome barriers to therapy, feedback can be sent to the prescribing HCP to close the loop.

There are an infinite number of reasons why a patient may not stay on a therapy. Failure to put the patient first should not be one of them. Ashfield is a partner who has the resources and experience to help you identify and fulfil the optimum “patient first” plan for your medication.

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