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Nominated by Mike Stout & Travis Dunsmore, Rhonda Levinson, Senior Client Account Director for Ashfield Commerical US, won our Energy category in the CEO Awards for her work in creating a strong management team infrastructure.

Rhonda Levinson, CEO Awards Winner for Energy

Rhonda and the team had to create a strong management team infrastructure, assimilating them into Ashfield’s culture and values. At the same time, she was onboarding sales reps, and developing a system to standardise, quantify and measure quality for the largest field-based team in the organisation.

Rhonda Levinson commented on what winning this award means to her: “It is absolutely amazing for me to win this important award. I have always felt that the one core value that set Ashfield apart was Energy. It is a true honour for me to be named as the winner of the CEO Award for Energy as it is a validation of the importance of creating a culture that values and recognizes people.

Brendan McAtamney, Chief Executive Officer congratulated Rhonda by saying “I would like to extend a massive congratulations to Rhonda who won in the Energy category in our CEO Awards 2017. Rhonda’s constant enthusiasm and effort in her role resulted in a new management team infrastructure which has grown to exceptional rates. Her ability to motivate managers to pass on our culture and values to their colleagues is admirable.”

Rhonda ultimately won the Energy award because she built a strong management team whose core values and drivers match Ashfield’s culture and values, which resulted in loyal

and engaged managers who are able to pass the same values and attributes to the reps. Rhonda’s energy and ability to engage and partner with Business Intelligence to deliver excellent service are the core reasons why Business Intelligence continues to look to Ashfield to supplement, and in some cases, replace, their internal sales force.

Under Rhonda and the Business Intelligence Leadership Team made up of Ashley Bell, Mike Mallory, the overall BI headcount grew from 11 employees at inception to 713 employees now, while revenue grew from $907,963 to $67,810,244.

Rhonda Levinson talks about how she lives by the value Energy in your day-to-day working life: “I have said to anyone who has discussed the Energy Award with me that this is not an award for me, it is an award for my phenomenal leadership team of Ashley Bell, Mike Mallory, Adam Dolinsky and Beth Hill-Jones. Our team lives this value every day. Our team sets aside the time to call our team members and check in with them, congratulate them on a job well done or take them out for coffee or dinner. We know that we have to transfer that energy to our team out in the field – we want them to feel special and part of that larger organisation.”

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