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When you look outside, you can see that nature is preparing itself for spring. However, many of us still feel grey and tired. So, what can we do to make the office life a little bit brighter?

The Mannheim Ashfield Cares committee have decided this week it is time to be healthy, colourful and have a bit of fun.

Everybody in the office brought something along: on Monday morning the kitchen was overflowing with healthy fruits, vegetables and the necessary smoothie-mixing equipment.

Not only are colleagues getting creative with their smoothie combinations but others will make a donation to Freezone Straßenkids Mannheim based on what they think the smoothie is worth.

Freezone Straßenkids Mannheim supports homeless teenagers and young adults.

Ashfield Cares committees across our locations work to co-ordinate innovative initiatives large and small to have positive impact on the communities around us and wider society using our resources.

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